Cry More Noobs

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Oh Petrol is sooo costly! 'You paid how much for gas this week!??' HOLY CRAP!... ..whah..
wait a second.. You just paid almost $2 for that bottle of WATER in your hand, WTF?..


I have no sympathy for your whiny ass whatsoever.

Focus. Look at what you spend your monies on as to what the things you spend your money on do for you.

That soda and that two dollar polar bear drowning, bottle of water that you can get from your SINK FOR FREE, do nothing similar to the gallon of gas that you're paying all of 3 bucks for.

Cry more noobs, learn 2 live.

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Personal EMO Time Continued..

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What an IDIOT. I have no sympathy for people who attempt Suicide, even if it is only out of drama. There are so many people in this world with lives and situations MUCH worse who push through and fight.

What a noob. 

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NBC = Stupid (as if you didn’t know already)

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On the heels of the $1M Paris Hilton interview.. NBC says this in their view of anti-piracy and in argument against net neutrality:

"In the absence of movie piracy, video retailers would sell and rent more titles. Movie theaters would sell more tickets and popcorn. Corn growers would earn greater profits and buy more farm equipment."

It's not even worth ragging on them. .. Just read it. .. What idiots. Almost makes me want to bring up Farm Subsidies.. But I won't. (My number 1 reason why Democrat policies suck. Protectionism is for noobs).. Anyway. back to watching Sicko. WITHOUT Popcorn.



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iCan’t Wait for June 29th!

Posted by ryan

Seriously. I am SOOOO excited for the release of the iPhone! The closer the day comes, the more details are released... I am going to be one happy Ryan that day!!

... Because, well. .. I like to make fun of people. And this is going to be almost too easy. The hype is unbelievable for this poser phone. But when I ask those people that think it's going to be the best thing since sliced bread why they think it, they just stare at you and say silly things like, 'movies, web, ... user interface'. Zombies and Lemmings, all of them. They want it because they think it'll make them 'cool'

Watch for a good rant about how hard my current phone WTFPWNs the iPhud when it's finally released. In the meantime, get a blast from the past of Wootious hate for the iPhone here.


(my msPaint skillz pwn you all!)

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Enter Post Title Here. ….

Posted by ryan

Ok .. so it's been a while. I've been back from my last trip to SA for almost 2 weeks now and not one post.. What's up with that? Well, as my friend Phr0st put it:

Still no blog. I guess the struggle b/w rl and vl, RL won?

The answer is yeah, kinda. Real life has been pwning the Virtual Life lately. And that sucks. But it's all part of life. I guess that maybe there hasn't been anything good enough to blog about.. but that would be a lie. lots of good stuff out there. Although I found one that maybe will  get me back on track. Namely, UTAH Lawmakers SUCK.  They're considering Banning Open WiFi right now. Somehow the 'powers that be' seem to feel that the right to freedom of choice shouldn't be a right. Information on the internets should be censored to what 'The Man' wants you see.  Albeit, pr0n is bad, and it's all over the internets. But the responsibility to teach kids to use the Internet responsibly falls on THE PARENTS! noobs. .. censoring it will only propagate the problem.

Ralph Yarro told a Utah legislative committee that free, unsecured wireless networks ought to be banned because they could allow minors to access pornography.

This comes from Ralph Yarro.. Chairman of SCO, the disputed EVIL dickhead of the internets. It's funny because I live less than a mile away from the SCO headquarters. (SCO is one of the many litigious companies in the world that instead of competing, adapting and evolving in reaction to competition, they just try and sue them).

It's like nobody wants to take responsibility for anything anymore. Let's censor things, that'll make it all better. .. what kind of backward thinking mentality is that? You can't censor anything nowadays. You need to EDUCATE, not censor. It's part of the many responsibilities of living in a FREE society. Chalk this up to many of the ignorant sides against Net Neutrality.

In the meantime, it'll continue to openly share my internet connection to anyone around me. Access to the internet should be an unalienable right to everyone.

... noobs.

Source, and Source

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Good Riddance: 109th Congress.

Posted by ryan

Well, Congress has proved itself more and more useless over the years. The 109th Congress was a part of one of the more crucial times in the history of the US. .. and it's just full of n00bs who didn't want to work or resolve a dang thing.

They did pass some important bills though:

"We passed legislation securing the right to prayer in U.S. military academies.

"We passed legislation protecting the Mount Soledad Memorial Cross.

"We passed the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, which allows for the 10- fold increase of FCC fines for indecency violations.

"We passed Cord blood legislation that harnesses the power of
stem cells in cord blood to develop new cures for life-threatening

"We passed the Fetus Farming Prohibition Act, which prohibits the gestation of fetal tissue in order to use it for research.

"We passed the Stem Cell Research Alternatives bill, which
provides federal funding for a variety of stem cell research that do
not involve destroying human embryos."

They worked hard, those Congress men and women.. They worked 3 out of every 7 days in the week. They learned to roll over and play dead pretty well though, good thing they could show they still could learn. After all, they were good at proving some important Math theories.. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

Jon Stewart puts it best:

Other more important News: Is your Car Gay? Some South African's can poll some pretty funny stuff. 

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The Military only fights because they’re dumb, not for Freedom. ..(insinuates Top Democrat)

Posted by ryan

So, it's all over the news. And it isn't anything new. A Draft!! A DRAFT! We're all going to be sent to Iraq!! OH NOES!!  .. i submit that anyone who realistically thinks there will ever be a Draft again in the US is an idiot. There are so many social-political cons against it it's not even worth debate.

The incoming Chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee and a Deputy Majority Whip, Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has been on several TV spots spewing his thoughts about needing to enforce a Draft again. LOL! What a noob. He's even stated that if there were a draft, there would be less Afro-Americans, and minorities in the military..?? (apparently he doesn't know the stats of the serving military) He's feeding off of the ingnorance and fear of the American people. Seems he's taking John Kerry's 'joke' seriously.

In the video on hotair.com he's presented with FACTS that dispute his own words, and he denies it all. A true politician.


i'm off to California today to support my Nephew who is graduating from the Marine Corps on Friday. i've always respected the men and women in the military. i couldn't do it, but i'm very grateful that there are people who volunteer to fight on the front lines for justice and freedom for everyone in this world. To insinuate that the majority of those brave men and women are anything less than intelligent, career minded, and determined, is just plain unpatriotic, and borderline treasonous if you ask me.

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Bill O’Reilly is a n00b

Posted by ryan

Ok, so on several political and social issues, i agree with Bill, but obviously, he's just as detatched as most other tech inept in the media and politics.

Quoted from his radio broadcast:

I don’t own an iPod. I would never wear an iPod… If
this is your primary focus in life - the machines… it’s going to have a
staggeringly negative effect, all of this, for America… did
you ever talk to these computer geeks? I mean, can you carry on a
conversation with them? …I really fear for the United States
because, believe me, the jihadists? They’re not playing the video games. They’re killing real people over there.


So, being computer literate somehow means you can't carry on a conversation? That knowing something about tech, somehow puts us at a disadvantage on the War against Terror?? (although, i do like that he dissed on teh iPud)

Computer geeks? You sound like the 'popular jocks' in High School who now,  when i see them, ask me 'Paper or Plastic?'

Bill, you should know better.

The best example that show's he has no idea what's going on in the tech world, is his OWN website. Notice that familiar white mp3 player at the bottom left of his page advertizing podcasts? ...

wow Bill. You sir, are a n00b!

As my good friend Phr0st commented on the post below: 'Don't mess with the interwebs.' I have no doubt that Bill will get plenty of crap about this one.

Lesson: Don't piss off the geeks!

source: GamePolitics.com

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The Power of Communication

Posted by ryan

So, it's no mystery that if you have a job where you deal with people on a daily basis, you have to be professional in both your verbal and written communication, at least to a certain degree, depending on your time and relationship with them. Here is a great example of an employee who for whatever reason lost or didn't have that 'professional' approach towards the customer.

A New Zealand couple were planning their wedding, and looking at catering companies. After deciding against this particular company, the Manager they were dealing with gave this email response:

wedding sounded cheap, nasty and tacky anyway, so we only ever
considered you time wasters. Our marquees are for upper class clients
which unfortunately you are not. Why don't you stay within your class
level and buy something from payless plastics instead.

lol, needless to say, the couple forwarded that response to several friends, and it ended up all over the interwebs. The dude was fired, and there's a disclaimer from the CEO of the company on their website. The company has taken a serious financial hit due to this one Manager's crassness. .. silly noob. 

Here's the source article.


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John Kerry is a n00b

Posted by ryan

So, just in case there are still some people out there that thought Kerry had enough grey matter in that elitist balloon he calls a head to run this country.. he's making your case for him harder and harder every day. Yesterday he insinuated that if you're not educated, then you will end up in the military. (insert sound of a needle screeching to a halt off a record here).


Yeah. He said it:

(looks like i'm having problems embeding youtube today.. but go here for the clip


I can't believe he's so stupid. I mean, i knew he wasn't all that smart, but sheesh. He says it was a 'joke' but i don't see at all how it could have been construed as funny. No matter how he put it. There are some very brilliant (and EDUCATED) people in the military who put their lives on the line for freedom. And Kerry's lame choice to attack the war in Iraq using education and the lack thereof, is just proof of his ineptitude.

 What a noob.


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