Stupid White Bigot Racists Vote for Clinton (Apparently)

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**edited title** Stupid White People Vote for Clinton (Apparently ** 

It's hard to believe that in this day and age people are so fracking ignorant. Seriously, 'the other race' ??? WTF?  'he's Muslim' ??? WHAT?

Not that I ever have had need to visit West Virginia, but now i sure as all get out don't want anything to do with that place. 

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I less-than 3 George Dubya

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Yay for retardastic economic 'stimulus' packages! I got mine today.



So, hey. I have an Idea, let's give the American people a few bucks so that they can spend it as a diversion to the fact that they're spending too much. Or better yet, since most of the American public is so vain and stupid they'll prolly use this 'stimulus' to spend MORE and go further into debt.

That'll create more revenue for companies and they'll hire more too! [^o)] Recession? Hey here's some money.. now shutup and spend it. No more talk of that R word. EVER.

What's sad is that it prolly will work. At least for this second quarter numbers. And why will it work? Because people are stupid.

That Said, I <3 Bush.  He's helping pay for my new uber laptop. 


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Wootious Politics

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(repost from STFUpolitics.org)

So the FOG wins again (Fetching Old Man). My man Romney is still hanging in there. He doesn't have my tax plan and I have more lenient views on immigration, but he's the capitalist. I heart capitalism.

I'm a little perplexed as to McCain's rise.. the's not exactly conservative on a lot of issues, he can barely complete his sentences and is it just me or does something look off when he sports that grin of his? We'll see what this next Tuesday brings I guess. Speaking of Tuesday, voting in Utah is somewhat of an exercise in futility. I'll prolly be voting for that candidate that is pro hope and also supports dreams despite it all. Why? because the elitist republican party here does not allow independents to vote for them, and I'm not ready for teh Billary. I'd love to see debates between Obama and Romney though. I think Romney would actually force him to explain issues rather than preach hope. .. whatever that is.

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Happy Belated New Year!

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A whole month without a wootious Post!? Sheesh. I don't even have an excuse. However, I did get off the couch this last month! .. not very often, but more often than usual.

The Holidays were calm, nothing to report on there.


Got up to the mountain and went snow boarding with some close friends of mine.. I handled all of 3 runs before almost dying of exhaustion. .. sad, but it felt like I'd just came out of a coma and hit the slopes.. holy atrophy! It was tons of fun though.

I've been diving heavily into politics as I usually enjoy doing, you'd think I would have posted some rant posts about it like I have done in the past.. but nada. I'm sure I will soon enough. I whimsically started a political collaboration/rant site that I probably won't follow through on (just like saveTEHpolarbear.com), but it could be a fun distraction if I can get some contrasting people to submit some posts. It's called STFUpolitics.org (Shut The Friend Up).004

I even went to a Jazz game this last Saturday! Despite my view on how sports are stupid, it was still fun.

Well, I'm back. I've even been gaming more often.. imagine that! Look for the usual few posts a week to continue on with my struggle of RL vs VL vs Single Life.

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Random Sunday Thoughts.

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Religion and politics are something that I am extremely interested in. It seems that lately those are the two real issues of the world today (excluding Global Warming which I'll continue to rant on). Politics can be lame, but necessary. Politics has played a part in my life and prolly everyone else's since day one. Lucky for me I'm unfamiliar with family politics, but from pre-school friends on through High School, College and work, politics is there and plays a vital part of life. It's not always a bad thing either. Social aspects vs personal belief will always be an essential part of life.

I've always enjoyed getting to know people with different beliefs and political views. I also am intrigued by those that make fun and jest at beliefs and political views that differ from their own (or mine). Living in Utah I get a unique and intimate view of this when it comes to religion.  Also since I have friends of several different beliefs, i can see how they react to some of the criticism/bigotry that is so prevalent.

I have criticized many a religion and political leader, don't get me wrong (and I'm not always right, that's just how I learn). It just seems people do it now as a way to fit in without really knowing why they're against something. It's hot to be 'not in'  because that's what everyone else is doing. That is lame. Whatever happened to thinking for yourself, forming your own ideas and being able to discuss them rather than the typical shallow snide remark?

I'd add some links, but rather not. There is very little respect for differences left in this world is all. .. Just thinking out loud.

That said, SAVE teh Polar Bear, SAVE the WORLD!!

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Presidential Action

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Every once in a while I'll come into work and see that the Presidential action dolls have been placed in precarious positions from presidential pyramids to awkward Bill and George Dubya poses. ..

Lunch lady GW FTW!


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The Internets are Stupid

Posted by ryan

Today, the internets are blowing up over the fact that AT&T 'censored' a pearljam concert webcast. They censored out  "George Bush, leave this world alone." and "George Bush find yourself another home." Now everyone is calling for a boycot of the company because of their infringments on Freedom of Speech. Links, here, here and PearlJam's dramatic response. If you ask me, just the fact that it is Pearl Jam is reason enough to censor their whole stage time. Are they still popular? (I mean, popular with the non-mulleted crowd?)

The internets really like to hop on one sided arguments especially if hate is involved in one way or another. But most of the noobs who post and comment on similar topics lack serious common sense. Business common sense in particular. Is it so hard to understand that if you are a large company you will have customers on both sides of the political spectrum, and you have to keep that in consideration? PLUS, this webcast and the concert was sponsored by AT&T and streamed by AT&T, why wouldn't they have the right to try and keep their image politically neutral? 


Turns out that AT&T wasn't directly behind it anyway: 

The editing of the Pearl Jam performance on Sunday night was not intended, but rather a mistake by a webcast vendor and contrary to our policy. We have policies in place with respect to editing excessive profanity, but AT&T does not edit or censor performances. We have that policy in place because the blue room is not age-restricted.
We regret the mistake and are trying to work with the band to post the song in its entirety. 

Yet I'm sure everyone on the net is still flaming away about the travisty and the state of the country we live in where 'Freedom of Speech' is so easily tossed out the proverbial window.

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Ok, No More iHype Rants.

Posted by ryan

Ok, i've beat the subject to death, no more making fun of the iSheep. Here's a good segue to get back into my normal rant topics:


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Here I am With President Romney

Posted by ryan

Oh my lands this song cracks me up! I'm not sure where it came from or who the author is, or I'd give credit where credit is due. Give it a listen, those from Utah should find it  'lol ' worthy.

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Bias Much?

Posted by ryan

Ok, if you know me, you know I lean politically right. For the most part, I am moderate to both sides of the political aisle, because both sides have their idiots. (Independents FTW!) But when I see people skew or invent things just to make a stupid point that has no logic or fact to it.. I have to rag on them:

I love Boing-Boing. It's one of my favorite blogs. But like most all things internet, it has a strong tendency to skew things in order to get the fanatical to chime in on it. One of their posts links to a Flickr pic with a title of '9/11 = Iraq'. The picture itself is a bit tacky if you ask me. It's a welcome home billboard dedicated to a member of the Armed Forces. It reads: "THANK YOU ... Trevor Harbst ...Welcome Home From Iraq" with the twin towers and an American flag in the background. So.. .. from that, these people equate that it must mean whoever put the sign up must think that Iraq or Saddam was the cause of the 9/11 attack. So the flag and the towers is a bit over the top / boarder-line tacky, but seriously, pull your head out.

I'm sorry, but that's just stupid. I don't care what your view is on Iraq, the WMD's who lied to who, who agreed then, lies now.. etc. It's a WAR on Terror. Plain and simple. And this TERROR is what brought down the towers, and inspired so many heroic people to enlist to the armed forces. I have tremendous respect all those who serve to protect us and other people and nations from what happened 9/11. Disrespecting them in an attempt rummage up more hate and propagate ignorance is just plain lame.

So much hate and passion for conspiracies and rumor has made people directly assume idiotic and illogical responses. It's sad how inept a lot of the internet really is. I mean, just read most of the comments from the flickr page


Man, some people are just aching for excuses to hate.

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