It’s PAX Time!

I just landed in Seattle (I'm actually driving down the freeway -as a passenger- posting this). I'm here to feed the part-nerd inside me. You who know me are prolly saying "What part of Ryan isn't nerd?" Well, there's a lot about me that isn't nerd dangit! Usually the parts that I'm not proud about though. In my opinion, the term 'nerd' has taken a more positive twist in the age of the internets. Afterall, it's the nerds that most jocks are calling bosses nowadays anyway.

imageThe Penny-Arcade Expo is pretty much like E3 for the people. I go with a few close friends who we all share similar hobbies and enthusiasm about games and internet culture (The Fighting 69th). This year, sadly, it's pretty much just two of us going. However, this year is super awesome because bl00k is in the official Omegathon! To be selected for this you are pretty much, super lucky. He'll compete in a variety of games with a select few to see who is the ultimate gamer. It will be fun to watch up close! I'm only going for two days this year and that sucks. I have some other important things going on at home that I can't miss (things that don't suck).

2810595657_91dd298807You see some interesting types at PAX. It's great because you can tell that in this place you aren't judged for the typically normal judgmental things like being a nerd and playing Dungeons and Dragons or card games or World of Warcraft or Pokemon scoring PERFECT on every Dance Dance Revolution level (whatever floats the nerdy boat, it's at PAX).. You're just with fellow gamers who enjoy the same things. It's pretty cool to witness actually.

I'm sure if you are my Facebook Friend or follow me on Twitter, I'll keep you included in my adventure this weekend.


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  1. I have to admit that i sometimes get bored to read the whole thing but i think you have a unique blog. Grats !

  2. do you mind if i borrow some content from your site?offcourse i will link back?

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