PAX, Third Style

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I've been so busy since i got back, i haven't really had time to write up anything fun about PAX trip. But Phr0st did a better job than i could ever have. Check out his Blog THIRD for details of the fun:


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A Little bit ‘o Concert Action.. that you missed if you didn’t make it to PAX

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NerdCore FTW! It's from last year, but they ROCKEd the house in 2k7! .. (and i HATE hip-hop, but when geeks rap.. it's different)

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Personal EMO Time Continued..

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What an IDIOT. I have no sympathy for people who attempt Suicide, even if it is only out of drama. There are so many people in this world with lives and situations MUCH worse who push through and fight.

What a noob. 

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Saving Polar Bears in Seattle

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Sand Sculptures of Polar Bears downtown Seattle. Save them.. SAVE THEM!


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Nothing Like Fast Food on the Fly

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BUSY. BUSY morning. I'm surpized i made it, and that I have enough time to grab some food, post, and send off a few work emails.

Ya gotta love tech that lets you do this! Can't wait to get to the Expo!


MMmmm Burger King and Internets! .. all on the floor of the SLC Airport. yummy

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Work, Work but Play-Time is Close!

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It's of no surprise to those who know me, I've been quite busy with work lately (read 2+ years of overtime). But I finally did put my foot down and planned a weekend off. How sad is it that I actually have to PLAN a weekend off from work? Heading to Seattle this weekend to play with the geeks at PAX. It should be fun, i'll update wooties with randomness' that i find while i'm there. .. But in the meantime, it's back to work. A lot of Bugs FEATURES to work out in some projects of mine.   [8o|]


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I just got done watching The Hoff sing a solo on America's Got Talent.. my life is complete. (i threw up a little with every note) 

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How Can You Sleep When Polar Bears Are Drowning!?

Posted by ryan

Seriously. I haven't slept for like, .. Months. And it's all because of YOU. Yes, YOU.

Want me to keep going? Because I could you know.. But doing all that sounds rather complicated. I think we should just start up a 'Save teh drowning bears' fund and buy them all water wings.

(WSJ, started this all back in '05.. blame them, not me!)

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Personal EMO Time

Posted by ryan

Sundays have and always will be a day where I've taken time out to contemplate life 'n shiz.. Life is fun. Life is hard. Generally, life sucks and is painful, but it is not without it's rewards. If I've learned one thing these 31 years of life, it's that somewhere someone is suffering and struggling much harder then I probably ever will. .. No matter what I'm going through, there is someone going through worse and coping with it much better than I could probably ever do. It really doesn't take anything in particular to make me remember that, but I ran into a site several years ago that helps me with this every Sunday. PostSecret. Sometimes NSFW, but I almost never fail to learn something from it. I'm sure I've brought it up on Wooties before but heck, what's once more? Bought 2 books that I have eventually given away ... The next one is already on pre-order. Watch the YouTube Video that the creator just put up. .. Yeah, it's emo, but admit it or not, at one time or another in this life, you have been too. (or give yourself lots of emo time and search youtube for 'postsecret'.. you'll be amazed)

If you don't already, I suggest you set aside your own personal emotional time at least once a month. .. trust me, it's healthy.


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NOTLR Tonight!

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As Bl00k mentioned so eloquently in a comment on the previous post, censorship = bad. I love having friends with different points of view, it keeps me grounded.

And speaking of political music and opinions like in the last post, if you're in or around SLC tonight, come on out to The Circuit to hear his AWESOME band Night Of The Living Rednecks! You're in for a definite FUN time! And they're right down the 'Free Speech' alley! Besides, I may even show up for a little bit of a breather from work! And we all know, if I'm going to be there, it really is going to rock! [^o)]

7pm!  They play first so DON'T be late!  As Bl00k says: "Bring your friends, bring your enemies .. I'm going to say stuff about George Bush and Brittany Spears" .. Check him rock out in this old school video back when we were going to SUU (he's lead vocal).


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