Long Time No Wooties

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Yeah, it's been a while. However, this gap in wooties posts has been absolutely CHALKED full of awesomeness. There have been so many new and great things that have happened to me both personally, publicly and professionally.

Maybe I'll get into that as time goes on. For now, we'll keep wooties to what it was created for; rants and comments about nerd-stuff.

I'm thinking of updating LoveIsAwesome.com to be our family blog where both Erin and I can post family-centric type things. .. We'll see.

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Did you know that Love is Awesome?

Posted by ryan

Love Is Awesome.com


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Long Time No Wooties

Posted by ryan

yeah. i've been busy 'n stuff. 


I'm transitioning wooties.net from the CommunityServer .NET blog engine  to WordPress. So I'll be bouncing back and forth between the two sites for a couple weeks, as my free time allows.

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I Finally Got The Old Wooties back up!

Posted by ryan

old.wooties.net (yay). Hopefully it’s not up for long and I don’t run into too many horrible errors trying to import all the posts to WordPress. .. wish me luck.

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Dude, What Happened to Wooties?

Posted by ryan

First: Technically, I switched servers and haven't got the old posts/data up and running. I'm going to migrate it all to WordPress once I figure out how.

Second: Life's been busy and beautiful. A lot has been going on; I've cleaned up, found love and feel like I'm finally back on track to be where I know I should be.

So yeah, life's pretty RAD. I'll do something about wooties and get back to sharing some things through teh blog.. here sometime.

In the meantime, keep tabs on ryanhawley.net

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Because There Are Few Better Ways to Motivate Than Public Humiliation

Posted by ryan

I have two weeks until the 100 mile, Logan to Park City, Ragnar Relay (No, I'm not running 100 miles.. that would be even more crazy, it's a relay!). I haven't been training. I ditched out on the Provo half-marathon in May and I kind of want to ditch out on this, but I won't. To help me try to get in shape enough to finish without too much shame, I'll share just how slow I've been running with the internets. Here is my run.gps page.

This exercise stuff is kind of a pain. 

So I ran a total of 11 miles yesterday with some coworkers. 11 miles!!!! (5 in the morning, 6 after work) - That's
absolutely crazy, if I do say so myself. I don't think I've ever run more than 4
miles at once before. It wasn't exactly fun but it didn't entirely suck,

Run.GPS Community Run.GPS Mobile Sports GPS Software

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Everyone else is talking about the iPad. I want to be meta too!

Posted by ryan

This is the first part of many a similar rant to come. There’s just too much going on right now in tech to put it in one post. Besides, I’ve been missing my blog-therapy lately.

P1020668Everyone and everybody is going all googoo and gaga over the latest fruit-flavored tech, the iPad. I admit it does look cool and for most of what it’s marketed for, should work well. For all intensive purposes, it’s just a big iPod Touch but that’s not a bad thing, at all. It’ll be sweet for reading and for the myriad of apps for it will make the experience even more awesome, but it lacks some basic functions for me to ever contemplate it as a useful device between my laptop and my phone. I want easy communication and the full Internet, not the mobile Internet. I want something more like my laptop than my phone. Sadly, the Fruit company is marketing the iPad as the best way to view the internet, and it’s just not so. You’ll have to download and install an app to get most of the functionality of the more commercial sites out there, and you’re just out of luck for some sites that use flash or complicated JavaScript. I’m sure they’ll start creating iPad friendlier sites or apps, but that just adds to segregation of the Internet, which I hate (more on that later). However, if you’re fine with browsing the Internet through your iPhone, you’ll be happy to view it on a larger screen, methinks.

I put the iPad into the toy category of tech. An Internet appliance that has a lot of cool things going for it (read; App Store/e-books). Even if I were to ignore my iHate for Apple, I just cannot justify the cost vs functionality for my wants. If I was in the market for an e-reader/picture frame/media device and was OK with being nickle’d and dimed on all angles (adapters and apps), I’d contemplate getting an iPad. Maybe even one for my 11 year old (If I had $500 to spare). Of course, $500 gets you a pretty good full-fledged laptop nowadays. For now, I just hope that the iPad will fuel manufacturers into making a device that fits my uses better. –here’s to hope!

image So I’d written this but hadn’t posted it yet when my good friend Geo, posted a blog entry yesterday reminiscing about my attitude towards the iPhone back in 2007. It really made me lol (because it’s true). Yes, I have a similar attitude with the iPad, but hey, I always admit when I realize I’m wrong. This time, at least I’ve organized my iHate in respect to my personal requirements for a similar device instead of assuming everyone should think like I do.. so that’s at least some progress, right?


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Dude, What Happened to Your Posts?

Posted by ryan

Yeah. I had the strangest thing happen. I host this (among a few other sites) from my home server. It recently gave me a BSOD from which I found out the system file was corrupted. Ok, no big deal, I’ve fixed many a disaster. Oh wait! I had turned off my scheduled backups and the last one I had was over 6 months ago! Shiz. Still, no problem. I booted up Knoppix, replaced the file with system.sav, booted up and ran chckdsk. All was fixed, I replaced the original system file and booted. Yay!

But wait. Something’s wrong here. It’s like there was a system restore that took the system back months and months.. INCLUDING DATA! Server 2003 R2 doesn’t have system restore so WTF? I even had to reinstall previous windows updates.. I lost my taxes that I did on the box and several downloads. Whoa. And yes, I lost the few blog posts I’ve made recently. So strange. I’m sure I’ll figure it out once or if I ever get the time. This is a good excuse to move everything over to Vmware esxi and find myself a Server 2008 license.

I use Windows live Writer so I’ll repost the previously lost blogs.. not that anyone cares, but this is my therapy, remember? I’d hate to lose those sessions.

Another lesson learned; Don’t neglect your backup policy!

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HALP? – Controlling Your Privacy on Facebook and The Internets

Posted by ryan

You Know, for n00bs:

A co-worker and good friend of mine is taking a Social Media class at BYU. It’s pretty interesting to hear some of the topics and stories that come from talking about Social media today. I’m somewhat amazed how little people in my generation know of the Internet and tech. Even some from the next generation still struggle with basic computer knowledge and the majority of both generations don’t really understand the many different Internet cultures that exist. –Hence the need for college courses on the subject, I guess. For a few of us, the web is just another part of life but I don’t think that’s the case for the majority. For the sake of this conversation, let’s boil this down to two classes of people: Geeks and Normals. I’m a geek (surprise!), one of those who know and understand some of the complexities of tech and the Internet. I’ll classify everyone else as being a part of the “Normals”. Now, being a Normal isn’t bad, neither is being a Geek. We’re just different. The Social aspect of the Internet has bloomed rather nicely over the last few years and has become a viable market where more and more Normals are being brought into the digital age. Social media is on TV and is quickly infiltrating much more of the Normal’s daily lives. This is good, but this is also bad. The Internet is a powerful tool for both good and evil. Now that Internet cultures are seeping more and more into the Normals’ world, I think the duty falls on us geeks to inform and warn of the goods and evils that exist in this new digital world.

So in that spirit, let’s talk about Privacy and how it’s not exactly a simple thing to keep whilst being a part of Internet culture, for Geeks and Normals alike:

Social websites are a part of the Internet now and a part of our lives as well. I think that overall, social websites and services like Facebook and Twitter add value and dynamics to my life. They’re tools that I use to define both my personal and professional brand online and in real life. From time to time, I Google myself with just that in mind. For me, my ‘virtual life’ is just another part of what makes me, me. I’m me in the digital world just as much as I’m me in the flesh and I try to behave the same way in both worlds. It’s important to understand that not everyone on the Internet shares the same philosophy. You’ll find that many choose to create separate personas on the Internet for one reason or another. But it’s not all scary and not all negative out in the big WWW, it can add variety, understanding and substance to your life. I would tell any Normal to go ahead and do it, sign up for Facebook, check out what’s out there to learn, use the Internet to improve your life and expand your knowledge and friends just take precaution in doing so. When you decide to embark on any new adventure on the internet do so just like you would do in the real world. Be prepared, informed, and don’t ever forget who you are and what makes you, you.

Social Sites and Your Identity:

google-lol-catGoogle messed up pretty big with the release their social plugin, Buzz. A blogger’s NSFW rant summed up by Gizmodo here explains some of the concerns with how Google implemented Buzz. Buzz is a want-to-be Facebook/Twitter hybrid that auto-followed some of your frequent gmail contacts and also auto-allowed them access to some private data of yours. Needless to say, the Internet nerds hail Buzz as quite the failure. Did you know that you can set up a Google Profile that helps people find you easier on the web? Yahoo, Live, Hotmail, Flickr, LinkedIN, Plaxo and a myriad of other websites offer some pretty cool services but they also may allow  have public views of your information that you are not aware of. Are you managing what’s public and what’s private on the sites where you have a presence?

Unlike me, you may not want to have parts of your persona found within a web search but do you know what can be found? Google yourself. Sign out of Facebook and search your name within the site. You’ll see what any stranger can see. What can you find out about yourself using pipl.com? With the frequent evolution of social websites like Facebook, you may not be aware of how to control your privacy settings either. Did you know that you can choose to disallow search indexing of your Facebook profile so that your info isn’t found on a web search? You can control what information is available to your FB friends and those who aren’t as well.

Facebook is a gateway to the modern internet for many who may not be familiar with it’s benefits and real dangers. For the most part, I like Facebook. It delivers on what Social Networking is for me. It’s a great way to stay in contact with the many friends that I care about but don’t interact with on a daily basis. However, it’s not perfect and there are a lot of things that I find painfully annoying about it. Frankly, I don’t like how FB has organized it’s account settings either. Even their Help Center isn’t all that user-friendly. Figuring out how to turn applications on/off and disallow auto-posting or blocking them is much harder to do than it should be. It’s worth taking the time to learn how to do it:

Here’s a couple links that may help you get a better understanding about privacy in Facebook and how you can control it:

If you’re looking to build a business through Social Media, check out The Science of Building Trust With Social Media.

One last thought: It’s important to be a little skeptical and think critically whilst on the Internet (or when learning anything new from an untrusted source). Don’t believe everything you read if it sounds too good to be true, it prolly is. Find out for yourself or ask advice from trusted sources and make educated judgments. Don’t take that inner skeptic too far though; you don’t want to become the cynical a-hole that I am guilty of being from time to time. :)

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Social Rules and Suit Coats

Posted by ryan

There are rules involved with certain social situations, not always noticed and not always followed. I committed a faux pas over the weekend and fortunate enough for me, a loving brother thought to bring it to my attention so that I'm prepared for the next occasion. And in the spirit of sharing, I think these rules are good for any suit-wearing man to remember.. So, you're welcome.

Some context; I attended a Baptism of a family/friend's child on Saturday and sent some pics to the family email in an update.. I later got this response and it made me lol:


(My family is AWESOME!)

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